This enormous genus of striking ornamental conifers displays plenty of desirable characteristics, and we offer more choices of pines than we do from any other genus. Selections include a diverse palette of useful forms, a rainbow of ornamental colors and texture that contributes year-round character and class to landscape and garden settings. Undemanding pines also exhibit exceptional adaptability and require little maintenance. Given well drained soil, pines develop superior drought tolerance, and once established, require little pruning or fertilizing. Fastigiate or columnar pines add height, but require only a narrow space in the landscape. Fine pyramidal forms provide vertical accent. Low, compact spreading and mounding pines become fabulous groundcovers. Pendulous or weeping trees provide high drama. We assure reliable clonal uniformity for the pines we grow, since we propagate them by grafting, or in the case of TRUdwarf® Mugo Pines, we grow from rooted cuttings.