Atze Saule Bosnian Pine

A unique selection of Bosnian Pine that offers an unusual element to the garden. Clusters of short needles emerge in spring and grow longer at random rates, leaving a mix of needle lengths within a given whorl. Gives the impression of a “bad hair day” with four to five inch long needles that droop and curve alongside those that are two inch. Forming a dense pyramidal form, the classic rich green color and general good health of the species contribute to an attractive, yet exceptional, garden feature.

Pinus heldreichii (leucodermis) ‘Atze Saule’

  • Garden Size: 10’H x 5’W
  • Growth Rate: 1-6″/Year
  • Hardiness Zone:
  • Broad Upright
  • Full Sun
  • Green Needles

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