Pinus heldrichii 'Compact Gem'

Compact Gem Bosnian Pine

A very slow-growing, narrow tree, Pinus heldreichii (leucodermis) ‘Compact Gem’ is a time-honored treasure for the garden, especially one with limited space. The sturdy Bosnian Pine matures into a dense, well-proportioned, columnar tree that stays trim even after many years. Elegant, long, dark green needles cover the tree’s branches thickly and contribute to a dynamic, full-size feel that fits in tight garden spaces. Superior disease and pest resistance and outstanding health assure year-round beauty. Originally introduced to the trade in 1964 by Hillier Nursery in England, ‘Compact Gem’ warrants continued acclaim and wider use in today’s tighter garden spaces.

Garden Size: 12’H x 8’W

Intermediate: 6-10″/year

Broad Upright

Zone 5



Full Sun

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