POS Sign - Pinus mugo 'Michelle' (Low Res)

Michelle TRUdwarf® Mugo Pine

Curving, twisted needles of different lengths give the extremely dense Pinus mugo ‘Michelle’ a playful look, which seems appropriate, since the tiny, slow growing, spreading plant was named for the granddaughter of conifer enthusiast Thom deLange. Many bright brown buds stand out prominently on dense branches of vibrant green needles. Cutting grown to assure uniform size, shape and color, this miniature selection will liven up the rock garden or trough.

Pinus mugo ‘Michelle’

  • Garden Size: 6″H x 1’W
  • Growth Rate: 1-2″/year
  • Iseli Introduction
  • Hardiness Zone 2
  • Spreading
  • Full Sun
  • Green Needle

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