POS Sign - Wollemia nobilis (Low Res)

Wollemi Pine

Known only in fossil records until 1994 when David Noble, a modern day explorer, discovered a stand of this ancient relic deep in a remote rainforest gorge in Wollemi National Park, Australia. The single or often multi-trunked tree has pendulous foliage that has a fern-like appearance. Leaves are blade-like and are in two ranks along the branch, making for an exotic arrangement. The new growth in spring and early summer emerges a light green and contrasts against the older, glossy, dark green foliage. Waxy buds and dark brown bumpy bark are other special characteristics to note. The Wollemi Pine thrives either in sunny or low light conditions making it quite versatile. Australian horticulturalists have propagated and disseminated this rare tree around the world. Today trees thrive in the best public and private gardens
worldwide, an inspiring story of nature’s resilience combined with the spirit of conservation. (Limited Availability)

Wollemia nobilis

  • Garden Size: 25’H x 12’W
  • Growth Rate: 12″+per year
  • Hardiness Zone: 8
  • Narrow Upright
  • Sun to Shade
  • Green Foliage

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