Sales Territory Map (2021)

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Sales Representatives & Territories

John Andresen x228
Western Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada
Mobile: 503-884-4794

Lothar Behnke
Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana
Canada – Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Western Ontario
Texas Office: 940-453-5412
Fax: 909-494-4213

Alan Craig
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Sioux Falls metro, Illinois, Central Time Zone of NW Indiana, Eastern Nebraska
Business: 563-652-4106
Fax: 563-652-3223

Jock Demme
Idaho, Eastern Washington
Mobile: 360-901-6051

Jean-Francois Devoyault
Canada – Quebec
Business: 819-858-2142
Fax: 819-858-2783

Brent Furbee
Alabama, the Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi,
Tennessee, Virginia (south of Fredericksburg), West Virginia, Indiana
Mobile: 410-829-8162

Christopher Law
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, northern Virginia, Washington D.C., New York west of Hudson River Valley
Mobile: 585-944-4857

Rob Long  x237
Kansas, Missouri, southern Illinois, Alaska,
Canada: British Columbia

Jerry Amoroso
New Jersey, Long Island, New York
Mobile: 845-249-9004

Jeremy Moore
Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, Western Nebraska, Northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
Mobile: 952-737-9166

Patrick Moredock x222
Michigan, Ohio, Eastern Ontario, Canada
Mobile: 503-805-0048

Timothy T. Steele
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York’s Hudson River Valley, New England, & Maritime Provinces
Mobile: 516-639-2057
Fax: 631-734-5174

Christian Varga
Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico
Mobile: 435-754-5078

In House Customer Service Representatives

Terry Crock x262

James Horne x229

Rob Long x237

Jennifer Mansfield x236

Christie Coker x212

Greg Elwell – General Manager x260