See below for a list of frequently asked questions:

1. I work at a garden center/landscape company – How can I buy your plants?

Please call us or send an email to, and we will connect you with our sales and customer service team. All Iseli customers are required to fill out our Purchasers / Credit Application and provide a state resale certificate.

See our sales territory map HERE!

2. I am a homeowner/retail customer – How can I buy your plants?

Iseli Nursery is strictly wholesale and will not sell directly to the public. We sell our plants to thousands of independent retail garden centers and professional landscapers throughout the United States and Canada.

Ask your local garden center if they carry Iseli Nursery plants!

3. Can I tour Iseli Nursery and your growing grounds?

If you are a current or prospective customer – Yes! All nursery tours must be scheduled and guided by our sales and customer service team.

4. Can I come and see the Jean Iseli Memorial Garden?

Unfortunately, no. We are an active, working wholesale farm and are not equipped to handle public tours. The best way to tour our private gardens is through properly scheduled group tours via garden clubs, colleges, or the American Conifer Society.

5. How can I obtain an availability list to see what you have in stock?

We do NOT offer a public availability list. If you are current or prospective customer, please reach out to your sales and customer service representatives.

6. I have questions about planting, watering, fertilizing, pruning and/or health issues?

Iseli Nursery plants are sold into many different climate types and hardiness zones across the country. It is extremely difficult for our staff to accurately answer many of these questions.

General planting instructions and additional information are provided here: Planting Instructions, Conifers in Containers

Iseli recommends that you contact your local garden center or a university extension near you.

7. How can I get an Iseli Catalog to learn more about what you grow?

Download a PDF version of our latest Iseli Catalog by following this link! – 2022/2023 Iseli Catalog

***Please note that attempting to view the file within Dropbox will sometimes result in an error. Please try another internet browser or directly download the PDF Catalog file to your computer.