Pinus heldrichii 'Smidtii'

Smidt Bosnian Pine

One of the nicest of the Bosnian Pine cultivars, this choice miniature deserves a prominent position in a very small space, such as a container or rock garden. A rare, highly desirable cultivar, Pinus heldreichii (leucodermis) ‘Smidtii’ maintains its neat, compact habit without any pruning, shaping or shearing. The extremely small bush with tightly congested, dark green needles, very slow growth and a rugged, durable constitution provides striking beauty and long life in even the smallest spaces. A 100-year-old specimen, discovered in 1926 in the mountains near Sarajevo by Eugen Smidt, had retained its dense, compact character and reached only 10′ tall in a century.

Garden Size: 1.5’H x 1.5’W

Miniature: 1-3″/year

Globe Shaped

Zone 5



Full Sun

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