Pesto® Mugo Pine – TRUDwarf® Mugo Pine Collection

An exciting addition to the TRUdwarf collection of mugo pines, Pesto® has a unique spreading habit. Its vibrant green needles contrast strongly with its attractive brownish purple buds. Maintaining its ground-hugging form with minimal or no pruning, Pesto® provides the gardener with a low maintenance choice. Extremely adaptable and hardy, Pesto’s® consistency, reliability, and attractiveness make it an excellent choice for many areas.

Pinus mugo Pesto® (‘INDom2’)

  • Garden Size: 10″H x 18″W
  • Growth Rate: 1-3″/year
  • Iseli Introduction
  • Hardiness Zone 2
  • Prostrate, Spreading
  • Full Sun
  • Green Needle Color

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