Lanham’s Beehive Spruce

The late Gary Lanham found this unusual, boldly textured, compact Norway Spruce in 1994 in Kentucky, a witch’s broom nearly 10′ up in a mature Picea abies. Intrigued by the interesting beehive form, Gary took it to Klein’s Nursery in Louisville, and from there, it made its way to Iseli Nursery. The needles of Picea abies ‘Lanham’s Beehive’ are longer and thicker than other dwarf cultivars and they have a slight glaucous tint. These features, combined with prominent, cinnamon colored stems and buds, create a dramatic effect.

Garden Size: 3’H x 4’W

Dwarf: 3-5″/year


Zone 3



Full Sun

Iseli Introduction

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