Abies nordmanniana 'Golden Spreader'

Golden Spreader Caucasian Fir

The bright, golden yellow of Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader’ is especially striking in winter when much of the garden’s color has faded. During the rest of the year, the versatile, useful plant brightens areas of partial shade while some protection of the harsh summer sun will prevent sun scald on the needles. A mounding, spreading plant when young, Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader’ will develop a pyramidal form with age.

Abies nordmanniana ‘Golden Spreader’

  • Garden Size: 3’H x 6’W
  • Growth Rate: 3-6″/year
  • Hardiness Zone: 5
  • Spreading
  • Sun to Partial Shade
  • Yellow Needle

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