An Iseli seedling selection, this gorgeous Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is possibly the most refined pine we grow. It has a compact, uniform shape, larger than ‘Sherwood Compacta’, but smaller than ‘Formal Form’. Dense clusters of two-toned needles point towards the tip of each ascending branch and create a consistent shape that hides the stems and buds until new growth emerges in late spring. Jean noted the origin of this beauty as 1975, and conifer great Joe Reis, given the task of naming the remarkable tree in 1982, chose to honor his wife Bess. It has proven difficult to propagate, but is worth the wait. The formal, slow-growing tree requires little or no pruning, but wants full sun.

Garden Size: 6’H x 4’W

Dwarf: 3-6″/year

Broad Upright

Zone 4



Iseli Introduction

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