Trochodendron aralioides

Wheel Tree

The broadleaf, evergreen, Trochodendron aralioides has tiered, horizontal branches and changing seasonal bark colors. Leaves are held so the inner bark shows, and it glows with chartreuse in spring and summer, then mellows to yellow in winter. New glossy, leathery leaves emerge rich green, later take on bronze highlights and go light green in winter. Unassuming, petal-less flowers on erect racemes radiate like the spokes of a wheel and account for its common name. This rare, small, slow-growing tree needs fertile, moisture-retentive soil. Originally from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Trochodendron aralioides is the survivor of seven species of Trochodendron, six of which have gone extinct and known only in the fossil record.

Garden Size: 10’H x 12’W


Broad Upright – Small tree

Zone 6


Companion Tree

Sun to Partial Shade

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