Cinnamon Curls® Dwarf Korean Birch

Dwarf compact form of Korean Birch with exfoliating cinnamon brown outer bark that curls in long strips exposing the white inner bark. The tree offers this special feature at a young age, eliminating the need to wait for years to enjoy. Dark, glossy green foliage throughout the summer consistently turns to a beautiful golden yellow in fall, adding to the multi-season appeal of the tree. Originating as a hardy seedling selection from North Dakota State University, it shows good pest resistance and tolerance to higher pH soils.

Betula costata Cinnamon Curls® (‘CinnDak’)

  • Garden Size: 9’h X 9’w
  • Growth Rate: 3-6″
  • Hardiness Zone: 3
  • Broad Upright
  • Full Sun
  • Dark Green Foliage

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