POS Sign - Ophiopogon umbraticola 'Bad Hair Day' (Low Res)

Bad Hair Day Mondo Grass

An interesting cultivar of southern Chinese Mondo grass, ‘Bad Hair Day’ has finely textured blades that seem to grow in every direction possible, creating what appears to be a tangled mass. Grows to be about 6” tall and spreads by underground rhizomes. It has small white flowers on 10” stalks that can produce electric blue berries for added interest. Plant in moist well drained soil in sun to partial shade. Possibly one of the hardiest of the genus, tolerating Zone 5 winters. Another great selection for bonsai containers, fairy gardens, or other miniature garden themes.

Ophiopogon umbraticola ‘Bad Hair Day’

  • Spreading
  • Hardiness Zone 5
  • Sun to Partial Shade
  • Green Foliage

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