Pinus heldrichii 'Iseli Fastigiate'

Iseli Fastigiate Bosnian Pine

A superior cultivar to fit today’s smaller outdoor living spaces, the narrow, tall Pinus heldreichii (leucodermis) ‘Iseli Fastigiate’ provides a stately architectural presence without overwhelming its space. Long, upright branches, covered with pairs of long, lush, dark green needles, practically parallel the trunk, giving the shapely columnar tree a distinctly vertical posture. ‘Iseli Fastigiate’ makes a significant statement through all seasons, but its big, lush form fits comfortably into a surprisingly compact space. Utilize its unique, structural qualities to provide dynamic vertical accents in the garden, to frame an attractive view, to screen an unsightly one, or to provide privacy.

Garden Size: 20’H x 10’W

Large: 12-15″/year

Narrow Upright

Zone 5



Full Sun

Iseli Introduction

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