Picea pungens ‘INHWB’ (U.S. PP34321)

Moonstone™ Globe Spruce This exciting new Iseli introduction captures the infamous bright blue foliage of ‘Hoopsii’ and blends it with a slow-growing, compact form like that of the Globe Spruce. Add stunning color to your garden without fear of the tree overtaking your garden! Will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Picea pungens ‘INHWB’ […]

Picea glauca ‘Spring Sunshine’

Spring Sunshine White Spruce ‘Spring Sunshine’ is a new selection of white spruce from the Memorial University of Newfoundland; it was found growing along a highway near the school. Fresh spring growth emerges a brilliant yellow that stands out nicely against the older foliage. The bright yellow color lingers for weeks before eventually hardening off […]

Picea pungens ‘Scottie’

Scottie Colorado Spruce This quaint little blue spruce forms a tight pyramid with an upright, symmetrical branching habit. A moderate grower with the typical powdery blue color of the species, ‘Scottie’ takes the shape of a chubby little teardrop, making it an ideal choice for today’s smaller landscapes. Drought tolerant and incredibly hardy, this plant […]

Picea omorika ‘Gunter’

Gunter Serbian Spruce This witch’s broom selection of Serbian Spruce has the characteristic two-tone needles that are dark green with white stomatal bands on the undersides, displaying a silvery appearance. The shorter growth,compared to other ‘Nana’ types, and short needles make for a darker colored plant than other similar cultivars. It is quite dense and […]

Picea Abies ‘Ripplebrook’

Ripplebrook Norway Spruce An Iseli Introduction seedling selected from Picea abies ‘Rothenhausii’, this new dwarf cultivar has a prostrate habit that forms a low mounding shape with age. It can be grown as a slow growing ground cover or staked upright as a gentle weeper.  Delicate tiny green sprays of needles cover this very dainty […]

Picea abies ‘Blaze’

Blaze Norway Spruce A spring surprise when this dense upright tree explodes with bright red new growth. Blaze Norway Spruce has red tips that fade to reddish-brown and then green by late spring, early summer. The short needled, compact seedling selection from ‘Rubra Spicata’ thrives in moist, well-drained soil. Picea abies ‘Blaze’ Garden Size: 8’H […]

Picea orientalis ‘Tom Thumb’ on standard

Tom Thumb Oriental Spruce – on standard Tom Thumb Oriental Spruce Striking golden fingers of tight foliage point out from the center of the attractive Picea orientalis ‘Tom Thumb’. The combination of brightly colored needles, extremely slow growth, and compact nest shape make ‘Tom Thumb’ desirable for small garden spaces, tucked beneath taller trees or in trough […]

Picea abies ‘Skyhigh WB’

Skyhigh WB Norway Spruce Numerous brown buds are clustered on branch tips to decorate a very tight ball. The medium green needles tightly surround the clusters, setting them off in an attractive fashion. Picea abies ‘Skyhigh WB’ is a witch’s broom selection from Gert Bohme in Germany. Garden Size: 2’H x 2’W Dwarf: 3″/year Globe […]

Picea abies ‘Dandylion’

Danylion Norway Spruce Picea abies ‘Dandylion is a colorful mounding form of Norway Spruce. Small red female cones form on the tips of yellow shoots. Branches arch up and down, spreading to fill space. Relatively short needles provide a fine texture. Selected by Bob Fincham in 2002, it was a seedling from a cross of […]

Picea sitchensis ‘Silberzwerg’

Silver Dwarf Sitka Spruce The name Picea sitchensis ‘Silberzwerg’ refers to the plant’s outstanding needle color and its reliable, slow-growing habit. The plant’s very dense, very blue needles display a unique reversal from the norm: the two-tone, blue-green effect results from silvery blue on one side of needles with dark green on the reverses. Similar in size and […]