Picea pungens Monty™(‘INMoHoop’ PP34,883)

Monty™ Blue Spruce All you see is blue when you look at Monty™. This perfectly proportioned dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce has a full, even habit and elegantly tiered branches that shimmer with frosty blue foliage. Undaunted by harsh conditions and virtually effortless once established, Monty™ will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Picea pungens […]

Picea x ‘Troemner’

Troemner Hybrid Spruce This hybrid cross of pungens and omorika has prickly pungens style needles with characteristic omorika blue-green needles. Sweeping branches and fairly fast growth form a specimen sized tree that gets better and better with age. Selected by Allen Troemner, University of Wisconsin Forestry Department. Picea x ‘Troemner’ Download a printable point of […]

Picea Pungens ‘Iseli Fastigiate’

Iseli Fastigiate Blue Spruce A strongly fastigiate habit and excellent blue foliage make this narrow selection from Iseli Nursery the ideal blue accent or focal point where space is a consideration. Its posture suggests a fat, steel bluecigar or a tall, lean sentinel in the landscape. Picea pungens ‘Iseli Fastigiate’ Download a printable point of […]

Picea pungens ‘Christina’

Christina Blue Spruce This delightful dwarf form of the Colorado Blue Spruce is very compact and slow growing, forming a mounding, flat-topped biscuit shape. Relatively long needles on short branchlets and the slow growth create a very full and lush form with a unique texture. Beautiful color and extreme hardiness add to the desirable features […]

Picea Pungens ‘All Spruced Up’

All Spruced Up Blue Spruce Among the multitude of choices for grafted Colorado Blue Spruce cultivars this selection measures up with the best. A formal shaped tree with excellent blue color having all the attributes for success in thelarge landscape. Found by the keen eye of tree expert Dave Schulte, as a picture perfect mature […]

Picea omorika ‘Pimoko’

Pimoko Serbian Spruce Color and texture set ‘Pimoko’ apart from other dwarf Serbian Spruce selections. The showy, dark green needles, accented with a bluish cast and silvery undersides, seem to sparkle. Reddish brown buds add to the effect too. Globe-shaped when young, this superb rock garden plant develops multiple leaders and an upright, broad shape […]

Picea abies Royal Splendor ® (‘Noel’)

Royal Splendor ® Norway Spruce Royal Splendor® has captured the best features of the majestic Picea abies along with its own favorable attributes, delivering a truly refined and noble tree for larger gardens. Rich, bright green needles cover the upward sweeping branches. As the plant ages the branching maintains its pyramidal form without the weeping […]

Picea abies ‘Calvary’

Calvary Norway Spruce Don’t let the long thick needles fool you to think this is a Picea pungens instead of a Picea abies. With a spreading, nest-like form, it can provide a handsome groundcover in many climates. A very slight hint of blue in the deep green color makes for an attractive plant. Found at […]

Picea polita

Tiger Tail Spruce Commonly known as Tiger Tail Spruce, this native of the volcanic soils of mainland Japan is rarely found in the trade. Sharp green needles are arranged evenly on the pumpkin colored newer branches. The common name comes from the tail-like appearance of the pendulous branchlets on old trees in their native habit. […]

Picea pungens x glauca ‘Ali’

Ali Hybrid Spruce The product of forestry research by Don Fowler in New Brunswick, Canada, this selection is intermediate in characteristics between pungens and glauca, with short, dark green needles, a uniform pyramidal shape and moderate growth rate. The natural Christmas-tree shape and sturdy constitution make it a desirable addition to landscapes where hardiness and […]