Tsuga canadensis ‘Green Lace’

Green Lace Hemlock Tiny green needles are held close and are widely spaced along thin tan stems. The open airy habit gives the impression of delicate lacework. Works well when used as a backdrop in a smaller space as the texture doesn’t overpower other plant material. Wherever it calls home, be sure to provide moist, […]

Tsuga Canadensis ‘Forest Fountain’

Forest Fountain Hemlock A small, pyramidal tree with deep green foliage, this selection has branches that arch upward in the shape of a fountain. Plant the extraordinary sculptural plant as a focal point or as part of an informal grouping. Found by John Mitsch, Aurora, Oregon. Tsuga canadensis ‘Forest Fountain’ Download a printable point of […]

Tsuga Canadensis ‘Aurea Compacta’

Dwarf Golden Hemlock This slow-growing hemlock produces graceful tiers of branches in an open, architectural form with outer needles that turn brilliant yellow where the sun hits them. The tree, which tolerates shade, will be a bright courtyard shrub or a dramatic understory tree, especially with protection from hot, dry extremes. Tsuga canadensis ‘Aurea Compacta’ […]

Tsuga mertensiana ‘Glacier Peak’

Glacier Peak Mountain Hemlock Tsuga mertensiana ‘Glacier Peak’ is the choice for gardeners who want a garden sized tree with an alpine appearance. The short, blue-green needles have a silvery cast and grow all around the stems giving a tufty appearance. ‘Glacier Peak’ provides a consistent upright tree form while still keeping the irregular rugged look […]

Tsuga mertensiana ‘Elizabeth’

Elizabeth Mountain Hemlock The sturdy, horizontal branches of the spreading Tsuga mertensiana ‘Elizabeth’ reach out and stay close to the ground. Soft, short, radially-arranged, blue-green needles, make the branches look like fine, blue bottle-brushes. An unusual low profile (roughly three times wider than tall) and striking year-round color make it very desirable. Site it on a bank […]

Tsuga heterophylla ‘Thorsen’s Weeping’

Thorsen’s Weeping Western Hemlock Rich, emerald-green foliage is arranged densely on the procumbent branches of this extraordinary small hemlock. When staked, Tsuga heterophylla ‘Thorsen’s Weeping’ becomes a narrow, upright form with sweeping secondary branches that produce a full, soft look. It is strikingly beautiful both as a cascading form and as a groundcover, allowed to ramble through […]

Tsuga heterophylla ‘Iron Springs’

Iron Springs Western Hemlock Tsuga heterophylla ‘Iron Springs’ has short, dark green needles that contrast well with the light bark on the very irregular branches of this choice selection of Western Hemlock. It eventually develops a rigid, upright-broad habit, but it grows more slowly than the species. Found at Iron Springs, Washington, and introduced by the […]

Tsuga diversifolia ‘Minikin’

Minikin Japanese Hemlock Small, wide, green, blunt-tipped needles sit at different angles along reddish brown shoots occasionally exposing their silvery-white undersides to give Tsuga diversifolia ‘Minikin’ a special sparkle. Slow growing and globe shaped when young, it will become more vigorous and oval shaped. Hardy and thrives in many climates being tolerant of full sun to shady conditions […]

Tsuga diversifolia ‘Loowit’

Loowit Japanese Hemlock Small, blunt needles look like green grains of rice interspersed with tiny brown buds. Diminutive branches crowded with branchlets form a tight, congested bun. Tsuga diversifolia ‘Loowit’ was selected from seed collected in the high alpine region of Fukushima prefecture, Japan. It was given the Native American name for Mt. St. Helens, Iseli Nursery’s […]

Tsuga canadensis ‘Summer Snow’

Summer Snow Canadian Hemlock The new spring growth of Tsuga canadensis ‘Summer Snow’ is white, which produces a striking contrast against the dark green interior foliage on the fast-growing, upright, broad plant. Its size, shape and colorful growth make it an extremely useful highlight for shade gardens. Originally propagated by John Mitsch, Aurora, Oregon, ‘Summer Snow’ is […]