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Pinus: nigra - wallichiana

  Garden Size Definition

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Plant Name Habit Zone Rate Color Description
Pinus nigra 'Arnold's Sentinel' Narrow Upright 4 Large Green Dark-green needles, a dense habit, and strong, upright branching combine to make this columnar form of Austrian Pine a superior landscape plant. Introduced by the Arnold Arboretum, where the original plant was 25' tall and 7' wide after 25 years, it makes an impressive vertical accent, privacy screen or tall, narrow windbreak. A good choice for sandy, coastal soils.
Pinus nigra 'Helga' Globe Shaped 4 Dwarf Green This slow-growing, rounded form of Austrian Pine has white buds that contrast against fresh, spring-green needles with darker tips. The attractive, fluffy form was discovered as a witch's broom on a 60-year-old Pinus nigra in Germany. An excellent choice for small space gardens, containers and courtyards, even in sandy, coastal soils.
Pinus nigra 'Komet' Narrow Upright 4 Intermediate Green Dark green, medium length needles adorn strictly upward growing branches that seem to be reaching into the sky like a rocket shooting up into the atmosphere. In spring, tan candles emerge adding weeks of interest. Although useful in cold climate areas that need a vertical accent and a small footprint, ‘Komet’ will be a stunning feature in any garden. Provide full sun and well-drained soil.
Pinus parviflora 'Aoi' Narrow Upright  5 Large Bluish Green Silvery blue on one side, green on the other, the long-enduring, straight needles of this Japanese White Pine give the naturally sculpted, upright tree a lush look. Sturdy branches display attractive silver-grey bark and loads of small cones. The slender architectural tree makes a dramatic feature and contributes an Asian aesthetic to the landscape. Provide full sun and good drainage.
Pinus parviflora 'Bergman' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Bluish Green In spring, the bright, carmine-red pollen cones provide a dramatic contrast to the long, twisted, blue-green needles of this rare Japanese White Pine. Originally from Raraflora Nursery, Feasterville, Pennsylvania, the compact, rounded shrub or tree develops a wide, irregular, upright habit that makes a nice architectural accent.
Pinus parviflora 'Blauer Engel' Broad Upright 5 Intermediate Blue The Japanese white pine is known for its bluish, two-toned, five-clustered needles, and 'Blauer Engel' is one of the lightest blues you might find in a pine. Long, slightly curved needles cover branches and fill in empty spaces giving the plant a full and fluffy appearance and a calming presence in the garden.
Pinus parviflora 'Catherine Elizabeth' Globe Shaped 5 Dwarf Green When young, the foliage clumps and mounds creating a unique little sculpture. With age, 'Catherine Elizabeth' will begin to spread, creating a wider than tall dense cloud of light blue-green short needled foliage. Performance will be at its best in a sunny location with well-drained soil. Annual removal of fallen older foliage that has collected among the interior branches is recommended.
Pinus parviflora 'Fukuzumi' Spreading  5 Intermediate Bluish Green The naturally variable, windswept character of this choice, slow-growing Japanese White Pine makes it a highly desirable addition to the landscape.  It develops multiple leaders that extend at 45° angles, with short, blue-green, twisted needles. The wide-spreading plant takes on an irregular, wide form, or it can be staked up for tree-like character.
Pinus parviflora 'Glauca Brevifolia' Broad Upright  5 Large Bluish Green This very showy pine has an open habit, similar to that of Pinus parviflora 'Glauca,' but its blue-green needles, in tight bundles, are shorter and have more of an upward curve to them. Many persistent cones decorate the tall, moderately narrow tree.
Pinus parviflora 'Goldilocks' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green/Yellow A naturally artistic, sweeping habit makes this rare pine a unique garden specimen. An overlay of soft, golden highlights contrast the silver undertones on the curved, green needles. For optimum color, seek a balance between sun and shade. Well-drained soil is required for this beauty to thrive.
Pinus parviflora 'Kinpo' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Bluish Green Graceful, artistic, unique, picturesque? How does one describe the character of this small, irregular, bluish green Japanese White Pine? Its twisted, brush-like clusters of needles appear along spreading branches, some of them exposed to show off gray, textured bark. Gently curved shoots, accented with attractive small cones, provide year-round appeal. Site the accent conifer in a raised, courtyard bed, container or other premium location with full sun and average moisture. Salt tolerance suggests a seaside setting.
Pinus parviflora 'Ogon janome' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green/Yellow An incredibly beautiful plant, this rare, mid-size, "Dragon's Eye" form of Japanese White Pine exhibits tasteful variegation, like yellow bands on the needles. After seeing a specimen of this pine, even those who typically prefer plants without variegation rave about it.
Pinus parviflora 'Tanima no yuki' Broad Upright 5 Dwarf Green/White Variegated A very slow growing dwarf, 'Tanima no yuki' begins its life as an irregular mound which, in time, will develop into a small, broad, upright form. One of the last pines to complete its new candle growth in spring, it unfurls its curvy, creamy-white, variegated needles to produce a delightful character in the garden. Excellent for containers and rock gardens, it will benefit from well-drained soil and partial afternoon shade.
Pinus peuce 'Pacific Blue' Broad Upright 4 Large Blue Beautiful blue needles are long and thin, and densely cover this selection of Macedonian pine. Selected from a group of ‘Glauca’ seedlings for its pleasing color. Multi-year needle persistence makes for a thick and full specimen with good form. Native to SE Europe, it is very cold and wind tolerant.
Pinus pumila 'Blue Dwarf' Spreading 4 Dwarf Bluish Green This unusual, dwarf Siberian Pine was selected for a spring display of carmine-red cones that contrast with the superior, blue of the needles.  It produces a dense load of twisted needles and a horizontal, spreading habit that is unique among Pinus pumila cultivars. Native to extremely cold, exposed regions of northeastern Asia, the tough constitution of this pine stands up to harsh conditions.
Pinus resinosa 'Morel' Globe Shaped 3 Intermediate Green A new, compact, bush form of the Red Pine, 'Morel' has long, light-green needles that are soft to the touch. Mid-size plants become dense, billowy shrubs that resemble the shape of morel mushrooms with rounded top-caps and more height than width. The very hardy plants project an informal beauty in the garden year-round.
Pinus strobus 'Angel Falls' Weeping 3 Large Green Originating from a seedling of Pinus strobus 'Pendula' in 1981, this slow-growing selection from Iseli Nursery has very long, very narrow, light green needles and a strong weeping habit. Its closely held branches develop graceful draping forms that combine a tall, narrow stature with a broad, flowing skirt. Named for the world's tallest waterfall after 20 years of evaluation, the unique tree offers elegance and style.
Pinus strobus 'Blue Shag' Globe Shaped 3 Dwarf Bluish Green This sprightly dwarf cultivar of Eastern White Pine produces long, soft, blue-green foliage and an outstanding, compact, reliably rounded form. Its size, shape, color and texture make the seedling, grown and selected by Sydney Waxman, University of Connecticut, an excellent addition to many landscapes.
Pinus strobus 'Coney Island' Globe Shaped 3 Dwarf Bluish Green Loads of long, curvy cones decorate this dwarf, rounded Eastern White Pine, even when young. Clusters of long, blue-green needles give the dense, shrub-like pine a soft appearance, despite its rugged, hardy constitution.  Introduced by Sydney Waxman, University of Connecticut.
Pinus strobus 'Fastigiata' Narrow Upright  3 Large Bluish Green Long, slender, blue-green needles give this fast-growing, upright tree a delicate look. Branches aim skyward, so trees stay narrow and make a valuable contribution to tight spots that need a big presence with a small footprint.
Pinus strobus 'Louie' Broad Upright  3 Large Yellow This exciting, new offering has long, thin, vibrant-yellow needles that stay brightly-colored year-round. Interior foliage that is shaded stays fresh-green, so the yellow really stands out. Large, open and upright, the symmetrical pyramid, best planted in full sun, seems to reflect the rays of the sun back into the garden. Originated and introduced to the trade by Kate Brook Nursery, Vermont.
Pinus strobus 'Macopin' Broad Upright  3 Intermediate Bluish Green Exuberant cone production, even when young, distinguishes this specimen from other White Pine cultivars. The mid-size tree develops an open, irregular habit and broad branches with soft, blue-green foliage. Originated as a witch's broom found by Wm. Gotelli and George Erhle at Macopin, New Jersey.
Pinus strobus 'Mini Twists' Broad Upright   3 Dwarf Bluish Green A great fit for the smaller landscape, this selection of the Eastern White Pine with its small twisted and curvy needles will create an unusual texture in the garden. A much smaller, dwarf version of the large growing Pinus strobus 'Contorta', 'Mini Twists' responds well to annual candle pruning which will encourage an even more compact, full-foliaged small tree.
Pinus strobus 'Niagara Falls' Spreading 3 Intermediate Green This handsome, cascading Eastern White Pine, chosen 2009 Collector's Conifer of the Year, was found as a sport of 'Pendula' and demonstrates a distinct improvement over that familiar landscape tree. The compact, weeping form boasts many draping branches and long, two-tone needles. Every dense, wide specimen develops a unique character and flowing habit that mimicks the action of a roaring Niagara Falls. Found by Mike and Ken Yeager of Hickory Hollow Nursery in New York in 1998 while working on a landscape job, this is a distinctive specimen for the discerning client.
Pinus strobus 'Pendula' Weeping 3 Large Bluish Green Long, blue-green needles cascade gently from swooping, pendulous branches on this popular, robust specimen of Eastern White Pine. If staked, its form can be tall, slender and distinctly weeping, or it can drape and dangle along the ground, if left to its own devices. Smooth, gray bark gives the pine an elegant, formal look.
Pinus strobus 'Sea Urchin' Globe Shaped 3 Miniature Bluish Green Truly a miniature, this Eastern White Pine has giant appeal. Soft bluish green needles cover this little mound that reminds one of its namesake, the sea urchin. Selected by Sydney Waxman in 1978, 'Sea Urchin' remains one of the most sought after miniature conifers. Its small rounded shape and very slow growth make it perfect for the patio garden in troughs or containers. Plant with companion alpine plants in the rock garden for excellent results. Like most miniature pines, annual removal of fallen interior foliage is beneficial.
Pinus strobus 'Stony Brook' Weeping 3 Large Green For outstanding drama, stake this prostrate, weeping form of White Pine, and enjoy its distinctive contorted branch work. Clusters of long, widely spaced needles decorate the ends of strongly draping branches, leaving the tree's open form and gorgeous silver bark on display. Selected by Greg Williams at Vermont's Kate Brook Nursery, the large pine is a handsome, ornamental accent or it cascades down and covers a bank beautifully.
Pinus sylvestris 'Albyn Prostrata' Prostrate 3 Intermediate Green This vigorous spreader is an excellent groundcover that spills over banks and rambles through garden beds. With maturity, layered branches mound in the center and taper down to the edges. A blue cast adds interest to the thick, green needles of this seedling selection from Albyn Nursery, Newark, Ohio.
Pinus sylvestris 'Beuvronensis' Globe Shaped 3 Intermediate Green This choice, garden pine starts out a broadly globose bush and develops into a dense, elegant form that is wider than tall. Plants respond well to candle pruning, which enhances the slow-growing pine's density. Discovered as a witch's broom in France and in cultivation for over 100 years.
Pinus sylvestris 'Glauca Nana' Globe Shaped 3 Intermediate Bluish Green Rounded when young, 'Glauca Nana' slowly sprawls out and matures to a wider-than-tall flattened form with age. To maintain a more globe-like shape, candle prune in spring before needles break. 
Pinus sylvestris 'Globosa Viridis' Narrow Upright  3 Intermediate Green Tufts of green foliage on the tips of branches contain both shorter, lighter-green needles and longer, darker-green needles, a unique characteristic that produces a starburst-like quality. The striking, upright, broadly-pyramidal evergreen produces outstanding year-round beauty, with interesting texture and elegant form.
Pinus sylvestris 'Hillside Creeper' Prostrate 3 Intermediate Green This classy creeper spreads out and forms a flat mesa of layered branches covered with thick, green needles. The vigorous, hardy pine, lighter-green in winter, makes an excellent groundcovering option for banks or walls or tucked in and around boulders. Found as a seedling by Layne Ziegenfus of Hillside Gardens, Lehighton, Pennsylvania.
Pinus sylvestris 'Jeremy' Globe Shaped 3 Dwarf Green Small and refined, this selection produces fine, uniform, short needles on compact, delicate branches. It forms a low mound that is wider than tall and displays a pleasing display of many small, red buds. Originally discovered as a witch's broom selection.
Pinus thunbergii 'Kotobuki' Narrow Upright 5 Intermediate Green The distinctive contrast between the small dark-green needles and the flashy white candles make 'Kotobuki' eye-catching, upright form of Japanese Black Pine. With slower growth and a tighter habit than that of the species, it is an appropriate selection for narrow landscapes, where its architectural presence makes an outstanding verticle element.
Pinus thunbergii 'Thunderhead' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green Especially during winter, the eye-catching, brilliant-white candles of this popular selection of Japanese Black Pine create a striking contrast to the thick, glossy, green needles. 'Thunderhead' develops a dense, billowy, cloud-like form that may mature to a form as wide as tall.
Pinus virginiana 'Driscoll' Broad Upright 4 Dwarf Green Characterized by a unique, bright, light green color, this compact, rounded mound takes on golden tones in winter. Its somewhat irregular, globose habit fits well in a range of garden situations, but its ability to grow well in poor, dry soils where other pines won't, makes it an excellent choice for challenging, sunny sites. An American native from the East Coast, it has twisted, substantial needles, outstretched branches and reddish purple young stems.
Pinus x schwerinii 'Wiethorst' Broad Upright  4 Large Green Loads of long, super-fine, two-color needles produce an airy, delicate quality, while a profusion of handsome, resinous cones adds to the presence of this large, graceful pine. Discovered in Germany as a witch's broom on Pinus x schwerinii, a pine hybrid combining strobus and wallichiana, it gets hardiness from the Eastern White Pine and grace and extremely long needles from the Himalayan White Pine. The outstanding, hardy tree will form a dramatic background or add an outstanding accent to the large landscape.

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