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Pinus: aristata - mugo

  Garden Size Definition

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Plant Name Habit Zone Rate Color Description
Pinus aristata 'Horstmann' Broad Upright 4 Dwarf Green Short blue-green needles are covered with tiny white flecks of resin that are a distinguishing characteristic of the Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine. ‘Horstmann’ is noteworthy because of its more uniform branching habit compared with the typical shrubby haphazard branching pattern of this long lived species. Growth rate is comparable to the species. Use as a focal point in the rock or alpine themed garden.
Pinus aristata (longaeva) 'Blue Heron' Broad Upright 4 Large Bluish Green A seedling selection from Iseli Nursery, 'Blue Heron' has a narrow habit when young and a more open, pyramidal habit with age. A cultivar of the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, a species known for extreme longevity, with specimens recorded at well over 4,000 years old, it makes a great choice for cold climates and long life.
Pinus aristata(longaeva) 'Formal Form' Narrow Upright  4 Intermediate Bluish Green One of the elegant Great Basin Bristlecone Pines, this selection has a narrow, uniform shape, larger than the dwarf 'Sherwood Compacta' and smaller than the large 'Blue Heron', Trees boast clusters of closely held, 1 1/2"-long, green needles in bundles of five that radiate around the ascending branches, giving each the look of a bottlebrush. Formal and long-lived, this slow-growing, bluish tree maintains its form with little or no pruning.
Pinus aristata(longaeva) 'Joe's Bess' Broad Upright  4 Dwarf Bluish Green An Iseli seedling selection, this gorgeous Great Basin Bristlecone Pine is possibly the most refined pine we grow. It has a compact, uniform shape, larger than 'Sherwood Compacta', but smaller than 'Formal Form'. Dense clusters of two-toned needles point towards the tip of each ascending branch and create a consistent shape that hides the stems and buds until new growth emerges in late spring. Jean noted the origin of this beauty as 1975, and conifer great Joe Reis, given the task of naming the remarkable tree in 1982, chose to honor his wife Bess. It has proven difficult to propagate, but is worth the wait. The formal, slow-growing tree requires little or no pruning, but wants full sun.
Pinus aristata(longaeva) 'Sherwood Compacta' Broad Upright  4 Dwarf Green This handsome, slow-growing Great Basin Bristlecone Pine develops a perfectly conical shape and a dense, formal appearance. Tightly packed tufts of medium-long, green needles with white undersides radiate around the ascending branches of the long-lived conifer. Related to the oldest-living known organism, this selection was found and named by late Oregon nurseryman Andy Sherwood.
Pinus banksiana 'Al Johnson' Broad Upright  2 Intermediate Green A unique, slow-growing, character tree, this North American pine has an open, irregular habit that suggests exposure to harsh conditions. The rustic look is accentuated by silver bark and by candles that are so pitch-covered they look as if they have been dipped in wax. The extremely hardy conifer takes tough conditions and makes a striking feature in the rock garden or patio container.
Pinus banksiana 'Schoodic' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green 'Schoodic' (pronounced skoo dik') is an exceptional, dense, ground-hugging native selection of Jack Pine found on Schoodic Peninsula in Maine. Use the spreading, low-growing plant with short, emerald green needles to drape down a bank or sprawl over another challenging site. Typical of the species, 'Schoodic' is extremely hardy and adaptable, it tolerates heat, cold, and dry, sandy or poor soils.
Pinus banksiana 'Uncle Fogy' Broad Upright 2 Intermediate Green Wildly undulating, pendulous branches give unique character to every plant of this distinctive form of Jack Pine. Plants bend and swoop to create a curvy, living sculpture decorated with resinous winter buds. This collector's plant, first discovered in a garden in Richfield, Minnesota, seems to be a reference to everyone's eccentric relative. Extremely hardy and adaptable, it tolerates heat, cold and dry, sandy or poor soils.
Pinus bungeana 'Rowe Arboretum' Broad Upright  5 Large Green Named for the Ohio arboretum where it was found, this form of Chinese Lacebark Pine is noteworthy for its habit, which is neater, more compact, and more uniform than the open, irregular branching of the species. The tree's narrow needles have an interesting, waxy look, and the beautifully shaped tree displays showy bark, a patchwork of white, green, and brown, as it matures.
Pinus cembra 'Algonquin Pillar' Narrow Upright  3 Large Bluish Green This narrow, upright selection of Swiss Stone Pine is a gorgeous tree with long, two-toned needles that twist and weave together to form lustrous, bushy branches. It is extremely hardy and needs little pruning to maintain a large, but slender stature. As yet underused, it makes a vastly superior alternative for Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid', especially in suburban landscapes. With slower growth, it fits in many positions and stays in scale. Trees develop large trunks and retain foliage to the base, unlike other pines that lose needles on shaded lower branches.
Pinus cembra 'Blue Mound' Broad Upright  3 Intermediate Bluish Green This compact, wider selection of Swiss Stone Pine grows slowly and has such a soft, fluffy look that it begs to be touched. Branches have a lush, bushy look, the result of 5-needle clusters of long, two-tone needles that twist and weave together. Extremely hardy, it maintains its form with little pruning and makes an elegant pyramidal addition to open spaces in full sun. It grows more slowly than 'Algonquin Pillar' or 'Silver Sheen' and performs admirably as an accent or in a mass.
Pinus cembra 'Chalet' Broad Upright  3 Intermediate Green A beautiful, narrowly conical form of Swiss Stone Pine, 'Chalet' grows slowly into a dense, compact tree that is perfect for today's smaller landscapes. Clusters of soft-to-the-touch, blue-green needles with white undersides add a fluffy elegance to this extremely hardy choice, and colorful cones add character.
Pinus cembra Prairie Statesman® ('Herman')  Narrow Upright   3 Intermediate Bluish Green Super hardy with a super form, Prairie Statesman® will make an elegant statement under some of the harshest conditions. Soft, emerald green foliage, with a hint of silvery blue, adorns this perfectly symmetrical tree. Its columnar habit provides a narrow footprint making it suitable for the home garden as well as large landscapes. Drought tolerant and extremely cold hardy, it is an excellent selection by Dr. Dale Herman, North Dakota State University.
Pinus cembra 'Silver Sheen' Broad Upright  3 Large Bluish Green A full, open habit distinguishes this Swiss Stone Pine, the largest of those we grow. Like other cembras, it produces long, two-toned needles that twist and weave together, forming bushy, blue-green branches with a "silver sheen". The beautiful, extremely hardy tree needs little pruning to stay in scale and makes a vastly superior alternative for Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid', especially in suburban landscapes. Deserving of greater use, it resists pests and disease, grows slowly and produces year-round beauty in many landscape positions.
Pinus cembra 'Stricta' Narrow Upright  3 Dwarf Green Thanks to the insight and efforts of conifer proponent, Mr. Van Hoey Smith, this old (1855), distinctive cultivar was maintained and shared, assuring its preservation when conifers were not yet popular. Iseli received scions of the compact, slender column from the Trompenburg Arboretum Holland in 1988. Its distinctive shape, dense foliage and slow growth make it valuable and unique despite newer selections. Less blue than others, it takes on a muted gold cast in winter and complements gardens with yellow hues.
Pinus cembra 'Westerstede' Broad Upright  3 Intermediate Bluish Green Named for an ancient German city in a nursery region similar to Oregon's Willamette Valley, this beautiful pine represents the finest in hardy garden conifers. Long, luxurious needles give the small, upright tree a full, fluffy look. Slower and wider than other cembras, it has graceful branching, attractive color and striking cones that offer year-round interest and character in a small space.
Pinus contorta 'Chief Joseph' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Green/Yellow The deep, rich, golden-yellow winter color of 'Chief Joseph' creates a striking beacon of brightness in the drab winter landscape. Light to medium green during spring, summer and well into fall, this very slow-growing Lodgepole Pine changes color dramatically as days shorten and temperatures drop. Found by Doug Will in the Wallowa Mountains of northeastern Oregon, it has proven difficult to propagate.
Pinus contorta 'Spaan's Dwarf' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Green Short, closely set, dark green needles and a sweeping, irregular habit give this dwarf Shore Pine an unusual look that suggests coral.  Named for the nurseryman who found it in Washington state, 'Spaan's Dwarf' develops a sturdy, open, upright branch structure and dramatic character with age. Slow growth and a wider-than-tall form make it a natural for rock garden, bonsai and container culture.
Pinus contorta 'Taylor's Sunburst' Broad Upright  4 Intermediate Green/Yellow Brilliant, golden-yellow, new growth erupts in spring and makes 'Taylor's Sunburst' a vibrant show-stopper. The striking color lasts for weeks, then gradually softens to a light, yellow-green as the foliage hardens.  In spring, tiny red cones add contrast to this extraordinary Lodgepole Pine that was introduced by Alan Taylor, who found it high in the Colorado Rockies.
Pinus densiflora 'Globosa' Globe Shaped 4 Dwarf Green This outstanding selection of Japanese Red Pine provides gardens with superior year-round beauty. Its many upright branches create a dense, structural form, like an egg on its end. The needles, which are shorter and darker green than those of the Tanyosho types, stand up well to both cold and drought. Attractive bark with age.
Pinus densiflora 'Golden Ghost' Broad Upright 5 Large Green/Yellow Variegated This Japanese Red Pine seems to shimmer in the sun with its long slender light green needles that consistently have one or two circular yellow bands on them. When looking down at the shoot, one sees green and yellow rings surrounding a red bud. The decorative orange-red stems that are characteristic of densiflora add to the overall colorful appearance. Grows best in slightly acid well-drained soil.
Pinus densiflora 'Low Glow' Globe Shaped 5 Dwarf Green The short, thick, bright green needles of this vibrant, dwarf Japanese Red Pine keep their color all year long. They grow densely along stout horizontal branches that give the unusual pine a flat-topped, low-growing habit. Prominent tan buds add interest to this seedling introduction from a witch's broom selected by Sydney Waxman, University of Connecticut.
Pinus flexilis 'Extra Blue' Broad Upright  4 Large Blue Aptly named, the standard size Limber Pine 'Extra Blue' boasts outstanding blue color on its clusters of five, long, slightly twisting or curving needles. The fast-growing tree, which prefers moist, well-drained soil, develops an attractive pyramidal habit and 3-6" long, light brown, resinous cones.
Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' Narrow Upright  4 Large Bluish Green An increasingly popular selection, 'Vanderwolf's Pyramid' makes a dramatic specimen tree or an effective screen or small grouping in large garden beds and borders. Long, blue-green needles cover the uniformly ascending branches, which together form a large, upright, pyramidal tree that broadens with age. Superb color and soft texture add a formal, but friendly look to the landscape. Prefers moist, well-drained soil.
Pinus jeffreyi 'Joppi' Globe Shaped  5 Intermediate Green Full puffs of long, narrow needles grace the branches of this small, rounded, Ponderosa-type pine. A seedling selected in 1980 by Pete Vergeldt in the Netherlands, it was named for his oldest son Jop. Much slower and smaller, but with the same 6-8" needles as the immense West Coast native, it is adaptable and provides a big impact in a small, sunny rock garden, container or courtyard.
Pinus koraiensis  Broad Upright  3 Large Bluish Green Exceptionally soft and colorful, the Korean Pine packs a visual punch in larger landscapes. It produces bushy bundles of needles in three distinct colors (blue, green, and white), which gives the tree shimmer. In winter, loads of showy cones, iced with pitch, decorate the tree like ornaments. The cold-hardy, adaptable pine performs in a wide range of conditions.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Banderica' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Green This gorgeous cultivar of Bosnian Pine boasts clusters of clean, lustrous, dark green needles decorated with white resin on buds, candles and stems. The easy-care conifer with a big personality conjures words like chubby, squat and pyramidal, but none does justice to the compact, friendly dwarf with the sturdy constitution and almost cuddly presence. Another superior selection from this wonderful species, it requires no pruning to maintain its wide-bottomed form.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Clumpleaf' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Green This plant is the utmost for avid conifer collectors. Tight clusters of fused needles create a needle assortment of various lengths, some straight, some twisted, and some with hooks on the end, all of which are spirally arranged around the stem. Widely spaced clumps form an open silhouette on this upright grower. Found as a seedling at Iseli Nursery.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Compact Gem' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green A very slow-growing, narrow tree, 'Compact Gem' is a time-honored treasure for the garden, especially one with limited space. The sturdy Bosnian Pine matures into a dense, well-proportioned, columnar tree that stays trim even after many years. Elegant, long, dark green needles cover the tree's branches thickly and contribute to a dynamic, full-size feel that fits in tight garden spaces. Superior disease and pest resistance and outstanding health assure year-round beauty. Originally introduced to the trade in 1964 by Hillier Nursery in England, 'Compact Gem' warrants continued acclaim and wider use in today's tighter garden spaces.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Emerald Arrow' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green Our ongoing efforts to find improved compact conifers resulted in the discovery of this outstanding narrow pine. Upright branches on the tall, trim tree display pairs of elegant, dark green needles accented by silvery white fascicles and bark. 'Emerald Arrow' gives the impression of being a big tree, yet it stays decidedly narrow. Whether used as an individual focal point, paired to mark the entrance to house or garden, or grouped in an informal cluster, this beautiful garden pine scores a bull's eye on the designer's dartboard.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Indigo Eyes' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green Named for the eye-catching, cobalt blue cones that decorate each shoot tip in spring, this precocious "coner" demands attention and deserves greater use in gardens. From an early age, cones appear up and down every branch, bright blue at first, then gradually softening to brown during summer. Attractive, broadly upright trees develop an open, slightly asymmetrical shape, which affords each tree a unique character that will intrigue gardeners in their outdoor living spaces. The healthy, easy-to-grow trees retain their ornamental cones and their stiff, dark green needles, giving trees a beautiful, tidy, clean appearance throughout the year.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Irish Bell' Broad Upright  5 Dwarf Green This sturdy, dwarf Bosnian Pine boasts a handsome, broadly pyramidal form that stays compact, neat and well-mannered. Trees gradually widen into a classic bell shape, narrow at the top, broader near the ground and about as wide as tall. A mature 'Irish Bell' displays a colony of upright branches, each one decorated with tufts of straight green needles and glistening white fascicles. The bright white accent gives the impression that light dances among the needles, a feature that accentuates the beauty of this useful ornamental pine and adds to its value as a striking garden specimen. Well regarded in the trade, this selection is a good choice for urban and suburban gardens for year-round impact.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Iseli Fastigiate' Narrow Upright  5 Large Green A superior cultivar to fit today's smaller outdoor living spaces, the narrow, tall tree provides a stately architectural presence without overwhelming its space. Long, upright branches, covered with pairs of long, lush, dark green needles, practically parallel the trunk, giving the shapely columnar tree a distinctly vertical posture. 'Iseli Fastigiate' makes a significant statement through all seasons, but its big, lush form fits comfortably into a surprisingly compact space. Utilize its unique, structural qualities to provide dynamic vertical accents in the garden, to frame an attractive view, to screen an unsightly one, or to provide privacy.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Mint Truffle' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green Shaped more like a broad teardrop than a gourmet truffle, this highly useful Bosnian Pine is nevertheless a wonderful treat. Dense, finely textured, green needles cover every shoot completely, in contrast to some cultivars that reveal bare stems. Characterized by restrained, slow growth, gently incurving branches and a compact, well-proportioned form, 'Mint Truffle' offers gardeners a tasty option for adding year-round beauty to a small garden. Very little needle drop and exceptionally good health, including resistance to disease and pests and tolerance of a variety of conditions, contribute to the value of this unique plant.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Satelit' Narrow Upright  5 Large Green Dense, brushlike clusters of long, luxurious needles give this superior, narrow cultivar a full look, but its slim, upright form fits in a smaller garden. When young, the rich green spire has an open look, but with maturity, the upright shoots fill in with tightly held needles. Year-round elegance and reliable performance make it a choice addition to the sunny site, a great focal point with exceptional health and tolerance to disease, salt and drought.
Pinus leucodermis (heldreichii) 'Smidtii' Globe Shaped 5 Miniature Green One of the nicest of the Bosnian Pine cultivars, this choice bush-form miniature deserves a prominent position in a very small space, such as a container or rock garden. A rare, highly desirable cultivar, 'Smidtii' maintains its neat, compact habit without any pruning, shaping or shearing. The extremely small bush with tightly congested, dark green needles, very slow growth and a rugged, durable constitution provides striking beauty and long life in even the smallest spaces. A 100-year-old specimen, discovered in 1926 in the mountains near Sarajevo by Eugen Smidt, had retained its dense, compact character and reached only 10' tall in a century.
Pinus monticola 'Pendula' Weeping 5 Intermediate Bluish Green A rare, pendulous form of Western White Pine, this cultivar is more adaptable to drier, sandier soil than Eastern White Pine, which it resembles. The smooth, gray-brown bark of youth gradually develops fissures and rectangular plates with age. 'Pendula' can be trained to a specific height when young, then allowed to cascade and drape to ground level.
Pinus mugo 'Benjamin' Globe Shaped 2 Dwarf Green This classic, truly dwarf mugo pine lends refined elegance to the rock garden or trough. Dense, upright branches are covered with uniform bunches of short, green needles, which contribute a smooth appearance to the low, compact mound. Waxy white buds decorate the slow-growing conifer and add to its year-round interest.
Pinus mugo 'Big Tuna' Broad Upright  2 Intermediate Green Boldly textured, medium length needles make this sturdy, upright, multi-stemmed tree a favorite for areas in the landscape with a little more room. The slow-growing trees become taller than wide and quite bushy. Very hardy with a unique, dense habit, 'Big Tuna's resinous buds turn showy during cold winter months and stand out distinctly against dark green foliage.
Pinus mugo 'Columnaris' Narrow Upright  2 Dwarf Green A very narrow, upright Mugo Pine, this cultivar is perfect for tight landscape spaces where a strong vertical accent is appropriate. Conspicuous buds, coated with white, waxy resin, stand out against long, dark green needles in winter, and colors intensify as the seasons change. The compact columnar habit is open enough to show off interesting reddish orange bark. Plants reliably produce small ornamental cones too.
Pinus mugo 'Donna's Mini' Globe Shaped 2 Dwarf Green Donna's Mini TRUdwarf® Mugo Pine stays tiny even when mature, so the super-slow-growing, evergreen dome won't outgrow a trough or rock garden.  Its very short, green needles are only 5/8" long, and they cover the thickly held branchlets densely, producing a very smooth overall texture. Discovered at Iseli Nursery, the congested conifer seems to resemble a small sea urchin or pincushion.  
Pinus mugo 'Jakobsen' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green This exciting new selection from Denmark naturally has the aesthetics associated with an ancient skillfully manicured bonsai specimen. The dark green needles are set artfully against the strong trunk and branch structure giving this slow-growing pine the look of venerable age and beauty without the need for human manipulation.
Pinus mugo 'La Cabana' Broad Upright 2 Intermediate Green This super hardy pine will grow into a sturdy broad pyramidal form. Thick green needles and fat resinous buds add to the visual interest. 'La Cabana' will be a stout foundation tree for the garden, a tremendous low windbreak, or a featured specimen tree depending on culture. A great choice for pruning into a Hindu Pan form for our friends in the harshest of climatic zones.
Pinus mugo 'Michelle' Globe Shaped 2 Miniature Green Curving, twisted needles of different lengths give this extremely dense evergreen a playful look, which seems appropriate, since the cute bun-shaped plant was named for the granddaughter of conifer enthusiast Thom deLange. Many bright brown buds stand out prominently on dense branches of vibrant green needles. Cutting grown to assure uniform size, shape and color, this miniature selection will liven up the rock garden or trough.
Pinus mugo 'Mitsch Mini' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green Extremely slow-growing and dense, this tiny, bun-shaped conifer looks like a mound of moss. It sports so many short branchlets and so many slightly twisted, short needles that the surface appears smooth. A TRUdwarf® mugo selected by John Mitsch of Aurora, Oregon, the reliable, consistent pine takes on a frosted look when its waxy buds emerge. Site this distinctive beauty in a prime location in the rock garden, trough or miniature railroad.
Pinus mugo 'Mops' Globe Shaped 2 Dwarf Green This genuinely dwarf selection grows into a low, dense dome that stays compact without shearing. The mounding plant has a smooth appearance that comes from many evenly spaced needles growing at a uniform rate on abundant branchlets. During most of the year, 'Mops' displays a hint of gray/blue in its green, but during the crisp, cold months of winter, needles take on a warm, golden hue. It's no wonder this choice is one of our most popular for confined spaces.
Pinus mugo 'Palouse' Globe Shaped 2 Dwarf Green For longer needles, a more natural, open look and a consistent habit, the versatile TRUdwarf® 'Palouse' is perfect for a casual landscape where a larger Mugo Pine is warranted.  The robust green selection grows into a bushy, rounded mound, or with annual candle pruning, it can be kept smaller and more refined. A reliable and hardy addition to the sunny mixed border, it also works well as a divider or to fill a corner.
Pinus mugo 'Sherwood Compact' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green Part of the miniature group of TRUdwarf® mugos, 'Sherwood Compact' boasts short, stiff branches that are heavily clothed with slightly twisted needles. Discovered in the 1950's by plantsman Andy Sherwood, the compact, dense mound produces rich green foliage with golden tips in winter and white fascicles that give plants a radiant look.
Pinus mugo 'Short Needle' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green Sometimes the best prize comes in the smallest package. Such is the case for this tiny, quintessential alpine conifer. An extremely slow-growing introduction from Iseli Nursery, it stands out among Pinus mugo selections for its unusually tiny needles that cover very short branches. Many visible buds punctuate the foliage and contribute to the dynamic presence of this dense, slightly irregular, miniature bun. A reliable, very hardy TRUdwarf® selection.
Pinus mugo 'Slowmound' Globe Shaped 2 Dwarf Green For the mugo you always hoped for, try 'Slowmound.' This Iseli introduction has so many superior traits that it is designated a Jean Iseli Signature plant, a distinction reserved for plants that exhibit "marked improvement" over others on the market.  The dense, dark green mound is one of the best, with highly reliable color, texture, growth rate and habit.  Beautiful year-round, it produces many showy buds and matures to a wide, even shape that is naturally compact. At only 1-2' in 10 years, it works well in even the most confined areas.
Pinus mugo 'Tannenbaum' Broad Upright  2 Intermediate Green This perfectly formed Christmas tree shaped tree displays an exceptionally good habit and the tough constitution of other mugos. Believed to be the first single-stem tree form of Mugo Pine to be commercially produced and distributed, it was selected from hundreds of seedlings in the trial beds of McCrory Gardens at South Dakota State University. Foliage is rich green with a hint of gray/blue, even during winter. Highly adaptable to a wide range of environmental and climatic conditions and very hardy. The original plant reached 10 to 11' tall and 6' wide after 25 years.
Pinus mugo 'Teeny' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green This dwarf mugo sports tiny, uniformly straight, rich green needles, a very neat habit and extremely slow growth. Needles are held radially, spreading out from the center on each of many, short, well-clothed branches. Terminal buds are very showy, and the tight globose plant will not outgrow even the smallest garden space. 
Pinus mugo 'Valley Cushion' Prostate 2 Dwarf Green 'Valley Cushion' offers a spreading habit to the mix of TRUdwarf® mugo choices. The very compact, dense pine stays low and flat, much wider than tall. Reddish, new buds complement the short, medium green needles, and plants grow very slowly, so they require little or no pruning. Selected at the North Willamette Research Station in Oregon's famed Willamette Valley, this cultivar is extremely hardy and an excellent choice for cold parts of the country.
Pinus mugo 'White Bud' Spreading 2 Dwarf Green In winter, this unique Iseli introduction shows off an exceptional seasonal trait. Cold weather brings a white resinous coating to each terminal bud, producing a dramatic frosty effect against the plant's dark green winter foliage. During the rest of the year, the reliably low, globe-shaped plant requires little care and maintains its small stature without candle pruning. Highly desirable for rock garden, entry or border.
Pinus mugo 'Wintersonne' Broad Upright 2 Dwarf Green/Yellow With the cool temperatures of autumn, this extremely hardy, compact mugo pine becomes an electric yellow color that persists through the cold season. Great for containers, the rock garden – or any landscape space that needs a little spark of color during the dreary winter months. Loves full sun, well-drained soil, and responds well to spring candle pruning if a more compact form is desired.
Pinus mugo 'Wood's Pillar' Broad Upright 2 Dwarf Green A tight, tough, mini-tower describes this selection from Ed Wood. Imagine a mugo with the same color, needle length, and growth rate of the popular globe-shaped mugo ‘Mops’ and ‘Slowmound’ but that’s where the comparison ends. Forming a fat bushy column, it is the slowest upright mugo we grow. Perfectly suited for a vertical element in a small area in harsh climates that have a narrow range of appropriate plant material.
Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata 'Jezek' Globe Shaped 4 Dwarf Green A perfectly proportioned miniature pine, 'Jezek' has glossy, deep green needles, and a tidy mounding form. Annual growth of barely an inch makes this tiny treasure a delight in troughs or other containers on the patio. In the rock or alpine garden, it will shine in full sun and well-drained soil. Originally discovered in the Czech Republic as a witch's broom mutation, 'Jezek' will benefit greatly from the careful removal of old needles to promote good health.
Pinus mugo subsp. uncinata 'Paradekissen' Prostrate 4 Dwarf Green This compact selection of the European Mountain Pine was actually discovered in an alpine valley in the mountains of Switzerland. It grows into a low spreading mound that looks very much like a green pillow. Rich, deep-green short needles cover the plant providing a dense, tidy, slow growing ground cover. An excellent choice for trough gardens or other group container plantings. Perfectly scaled for the alpine or rock gardens, this hardy pine performs its best in full sun and well-drained soil.

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