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Plant Name Habit Zone Rate Color Description
Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' Spreading 4 Dwarf Yellow This low, spreading juniper is especially appealing: it develops new, bright, golden-yellow growth that points in all directions above the bluish-green, feathery, interior foliage. A lively selection for a sunny, well-drained bank or other challenging site where a reliable bit of color is needed.
Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' Spreading 4 Dwarf Green This versatile, vase-shaped plant develops upright, fountain-like branches that are covered in robust, green, awl-shaped foliage. Appreciated by bonsai enthusiasts for an irregular form and for exposed, peeling bark, it also makes an interesting addition to container arrangements and garden beds.
Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa Variegata' Broad Upright  5 Intermediate Green/Yellow A striking, variegated form of the popular Hollywood Juniper, this cultivar sends out slightly twisted, upright branches that produce a swirling configuration. The dark-green foliage is splashed with interesting twists and bumps of creamy-golden variegation. A good choice for garden spaces where bright color and full form are desired.
Juniperus chinensis 'Trautman' Narrow Upright 5 Intermediate Bluish Green A hardy alternative to the temperate Italian Cypress. This narrow, coarse textured, bluish gray-green spire has incredible potential throughout the gardening world. As a single specimen it will make a majestic statement as it towers above other garden plants while maintaining a small footprint. Planted in a row, ‘Trautman’ will serve as a screen of unusual beauty because of its unique color and texture. Will thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Selected by the late Herbert Trautman, a highly respected Wisconsin nurseryman.
Juniperus communis 'Compressa' Extra Narrow Upright  4 Dwarf Bluish Green Resembling an elegant, tapered candle with silvery-green foliage, 'Compressa' makes a superior, vertical accent, especially in containers, the rock garden and other small spaces. Its dense, vertical branches grow very slowly and stay in perfect scale with other choice rockery plants. 
Juniperus communis 'Corielagen' Prostrate 3 Intermediate Green Fine, feathery foliage covers the long, flexible branches of this juniper from Scotland. Stems reach out in all directions, carpeting the ground and conforming to its contours. Hardy, faster-growing and less formal than 'Green Carpet,' the adaptable, flat mat lends a distinctive look to slope, wall or any open space.
Juniperus communis 'Effusa' Spreading 3 Intermediate Green This low, spreading juniper grows into a reliable circular form that adapts to any garden, even in shady locations. Its small needles grow close to the flexible, reddish-brown stems, which show off soft, cinnamon-brown tips when new and mature to bright green as the season progresses.
Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone' Narrow Upright  4 Dwarf Yellow The bright yellow foliage of this upright juniper illuminates the garden, especially in winter. The narrow, columnar habit and dependable color make 'Gold Cone' a wonderful accent in many types of gardens. It responds well to shearing to achieve a denser, more narrow form and attains best color in full sun.
Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet' Prostrate 3 Dwarf Green The bright green, spring growth on this densely textured, groundcovering juniper darkens as it matures into a thick carpet. The tidy, compact plant is extremely hardy and adaptable to a wide range of soil and climate conditions. It covers ground slowly.
Juniperus communis 'Kalebab' Broad Upright  4 Intermediate Green/Yellow For year-round interest, few small trees offer such a remarkable range of color. In spring, the sharp, thin needles of this juniper have light green undersides and white tops, a combination that makes the tree glow. Medium green summer color changes to bronze in autumn, and in winter, when most of the garden is muted, a remarkable, orange-yellow demands attention. Pruning in early summer increases both the plant's density and the impact of the dramatic winter color. Site this selection where you can see it year-round.
Juniperus communis 'Miniature' Narrow Upright  4 Dwarf Bluish Green More durable, adaptable and dense than the popular 'Compressa', this improved selection sports the same compact, bluish-green foliage and upright habit. It differs, though, in its broader pyramidal shape and its better tolerance to wind, cold and reflected sun. Try this reliable, vertical accent that is well suited for containers and a range of styles, from elegant to casual.
Juniperus communis 'Oblonga Pendula' Broad Upright 3 Large Green This attractive tree has a broadly weeping habit, the result of many side leaders and branches that lay close to, then sweep up and away from, the trunk. Thin, sharp, blue-green needles contribute a lacy texture and decorative berries and flaking bark add more interest to this graceful, reliable, cold hardy selection.
Juniperus conferta 'All Gold' Prostrate

6 Dwarf Yellow ‘All Gold’ is exactly as its name implies — all gold! It is an extremely durable blazing gold Shore Juniper with a prostrate growth habit that quickly covers the ground. The prickly awl-shaped foliage is very dense and turns a light bronze in winter. Native to the Japanese coast, it does well in seacoast environments. Best color in full sun.
Juniperus conferta 'Silver Mist' Prostrate 5 Intermediate Bluish Green This low, spreading selection has thick, stiff branches and densely set, short branchlets. Sharp, blue-green needles have broad white, stomatal bands that contribute a silvery sheen to the appearance. New growth has a reddish brown tinge. Tolerant of many conditions, especially poor and sandy soils, but not soggy soils.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Pygmy' Spreading 4 Miniature Bluish Green This tiny, spreading, blue-gray mound produces fascinating, textural foliage and maintains a congested compact habit. A close look shows that new growth tips are smooth and round, while the inner, older branches have sharp, awl-shaped needles. The miniature juniper with a tight, horizontal form was discovered at Jeddeloh Nurseries in Germany, about 1990. Show it off in a trough, rock garden or model railroad.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Gold Strike' Prostrate 3 Dwarf Yellow The vivid yellow foliage of this spreading juniper creates a bright, cheery spot in the garden throughout the year. In spring, brilliant new growth freshens up the chartreuse interior foliage and continues the sparkling display through fall, when the look gradually softens with coral tones. The low, somewhat mounded, seedling selection from 'Mother Lode' performs best grown in moist, well-drained soil and protected from scorching sun.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Golden Carpet' Prostrate 3 Intermediate Yellow The dense, golden foliage of this carpet-like juniper takes on a third dimension as elongated streamers of new growth appear to float over the body of the plant and creep beyond the edges. 'Golden Carpet' is more vigorous than 'Mother Lode', does well in full sun, is unusually clean for a horizontalis and takes on mauve tones in winter.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Limeglow'™ Spreading 3 Dwarf Yellow Not your typical juniper! This amazing selection boasts feathery foliage in electric chartreuse, a color that makes a striking contrast to other greens in the garden. Its spreading, vase form and juvenile foliage lend a cheery presence in almost any garden, including one with hot, dry conditions. The yellow sport from 'Youngstown' is reported to hold its bright color and to resist sunburn. Selected by Larry Hatch with North Carolina State University.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Mother Lode' Prostrate 3 Dwarf Yellow Bright, golden-yellow foliage in spring and summer which transitions to rich, burgundy plum undertones during the winter give this extremely flat, ground-hugging juniper long-term garden interest. Discovered at Iseli Nursery in 1982 as a sport on 'Wiltoni', it performs admirably in full or partial sun. It grows slowly and forms an exceptional presence. Let it cascade over a bank, define a mound, or cover ground planted in masses. Use with other colorful plants for an exciting statement in the garden.
Juniperus horizontalis 'Pancake' Prostrate 3 Dwarf Bluish Green Feathery, scale-like foliage covers the ground as this plant grows flat as a pancake. Growing not more than about 4” high, the branches will root as they creep along the ground. Gray-blue in color through the growing season, it takes on light purple hues in winter. Prefers full sun in dry, sandy soils and is drought tolerant when established. Stake to attain additional height for pleasing effect.
Juniperus procumbens 'Nana' Prostrate 4 Dwarf Green We grow this prostrate, spreading plant grafted onto a standard, which lets the masses of tight, primarily juvenile, glaucous-green foliage drape down and out to cover the stem. The result is a dramatic, upright accent plant that requires only a small footprint.  Also produced as a liner for a spreading carpet useful for cascading over containers and rocks.
Juniperus squamata 'Blue Carpet' Prostrate 3 Intermediate Blue The name of this tough, hardy cultivar almost says it all. "Blue" points to the color of the sharp, over-lapping, densely arranged needles. "Carpet" acknowledges the plant's low, spreading form and might suggest its adaptable nature (it tolerates dry soils). Even "squamata" refers to the scaly bark typical of the species. Together, these features add up to an excellent, ground-covering choice for banks, slopes and other challenging sites.
Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star' Spreading 4 Dwarf Blue This immensely popular juniper, discovered in Holland as a witch's broom on 'Meyeri' and introduced in 1964, deserves its reputation as a winning garden selection. It has sharp, blue, densely arranged needles, filling short branches that suggest the tips on a many-point star, and a useable form that slowly spreads becoming broader than tall.
Juniperus squamata 'Holger' Spreading 4 Dwarf Blue Yellow This dense, wide-spreading juniper produces bright, creamy-yellow new growth that stands out above the plant's older, blue foliage. The unique color combination makes a stunning and dramatic show. Sharp, densely arranged, pointed needles and scaly bark are typical of the species.
Juniperus virginiana 'Pendula' Weeping 5 Dwarf Green This beautiful Eastern Red Cedar is all about graceful curves and swoops. We stake the slow-growing, small tree to show off its gently arching, crooked branches and high interest tendrils of foliage. Plants develop a lively, open habit and put on a decorative show of tiny pollen cones. The attractive, medium green conifer has a delicate texture, but a tough constitution: it takes poor, gravelly soils and full sun.
Juniperus x Star Power® Broad Upright 3 Large Bluish Green Little bluish green stars of foliage appear all along the ascending branches of this upright juniper. Believed to be a hybrid of Juniper communis and chinensis, the densely foliaged plants are fast growers. A deer resistant screen can develop in a short period and provides wildlife protection for other areas of the garden. Selected in 1998 by Michael Yanny, at Johnson’s Nursery, Wisconsin. It thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.
Juniperus x-pfitzeriana 'Golden Joy' Spreading 4 Dwarf Yellow This new cultivar from Wiel Linnsen of Holland offers improvements over other golden junipers. For one, its yellow is brighter than other available options and it maintains the brilliant color throughout the year. In addition, it is easy to grow and has a classic spreading and compact form. It grows more slowly, too, so it will stay beautiful and maintain a manageable size for years.
Juniperus x-pfitzeriana 'Sea Green' Spreading 4 Intermediate Green The dense foliage and spreading, arching shape of this conifer make it an excellent choice for sculpting: we prune it into pom-pons to satisfy the desires of many gardners. The rich, mid-green foliage, which includes both adult scales and a complement of juvenile needles, starts the year with a burst of light green, growing tips.

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